Marin cancels out Erza and Lucy’s Magic and spirits them away in a cloud of smoke

Marin cancels out Erza and Lucy’s Magic and spirits them away in a cloud of smoke

From the rubble, a stranger approaches, introducing himself as a member of Alvarez Empire’s Brandish Squad, age done to his shop, and joins his team in facing off against Marin

With their cover blown, Team Natsu take out the rest of the Alvarez soldiers who attack them, settling afterwards to await any more who may come. As Wendy and Carla take the child to safety and Mest teleports away to look for the informant, Gray and the others sit down with a local vendor and talk to him about his business; however, the man’s shop is suddenly blown away in a large explosion. Seeing their comrades disappear, Gray and Natsu payday loans in Alaska ask Marin where he sent them. At that moment, he drops an injured Mest in front of them and says that he didn’t past the test either. Gray and Natsu then angrily try to attack Marin, but he gets the best of them using his Spatial Magic. Before their battle can continue any further, however, Brandish ? of the Spriggan 12 appears and Gray is terrified by her incredible Magic Power. [443]

Left astounded by Brandish’s Magic Power, Gray is further surprised when she doesn’t attack but rather states she came to the island to eat Star Mango gellato. When she sees the destroyed shack, es it on Gray and Natsu, leading the two to yell that it was him. After Marin refuses to return the Fairy Tail girls at Brandish’s request, Brandish showcases her Magic by emerging the entire island from the ocean, shocking Gray. After Brandish kills Marin as compensation for the injured Mest, and warns them to stay away from the Alvarez Empire, Gray is thrown into the ocean when she shrinks the island down to a sliver of land. [444] In the aftermath of their encounter with Brandish, Gray and his fellow teammates help the island’s residents into nearby fishing vessels. After they are finished, Mest teleports them to an unknown location underwater, and Gray is surprised to see that Sorano is the spy. Gray is also shocked when Sorano says she knows where Makarov is, and that she is going to take them to his location. [445] Later, Gray and his friends trek to Vistarion, and he witnesses Makarov’s return, having been teleported to the group with Mest’s help. The Mages are overjoyed at seeing him after such a long time, however, the revelry is cut short as Mest mentions that Zeref is in the Alvarez Empire as well, something which shocks Gray. [446]

Marin replies that Lucy and Erza passed the test and thus were sent to his relaxation dimension, but angrily tells Gray and Natsu that they didn’t pass the test

Afterwards, Gray watches as Makarov shows his regrets for going to the empire, with the Ice Mage claiming that not all of it was pointless as they have grown a lot in the last year. Gray is then surprised when Ajeel Raml, another member of the Spriggan 12, stands against them. As per Makarov’s request, the Fairy Tail Mages try to escape on a magical vehicle, but to no avail as they are soon caught up to by a sand golem, Ajeel standing on top of it. Gray asks Lucy to help him intercept Ajeel’s attacks and they both get on top of their vehicle, with Gray using the Magic that Silver left him to freeze the golem, destroying it. Gray and Lucy continue fighting off numerous sand minions, until the group and their vehicle are trapped in a pit of quicksand, rendering them unable to move. Ajeel claims that no one has ever escaped this spell before, however, Natsu’s explosion evaporates the sand and the Fairy Tail Mages stand against their enemy, revealing the symbol of Fairy Tail on their bodies. [447]