I utilized a phrase prompted story-created method for determining the co-parents’ connection texts

I utilized a phrase prompted story-created method for determining the co-parents’ connection texts

Connection cover in the co-parent: Accessory Program Evaluation

The brand new ASA (Oceans Rodrigues, 2008 ) asks professionals to manufacture tales prompted by half dozen headings, five probing secure ft connections, in two tales ranging from father or mother and you can son (Little one’s Day, The newest Healthcare provider’s Office) as well as in a couple between romantic couples (ping Travels, The brand new Accident), and two helping as regulation (Stop by at Park, A day Looking). For every identity, the definition of description leads to tales with connection-relevant articles of several attributes. Facts titles have been counterbalanced to own buy predicated on directions to own government (Oceans Rodrigues, 2008 ). New ASA try interpreted so you can Swedish of the an excellent bilingual English/Swedish presenter and you can back-translated for accuracy. To possess piloting, twenty-four mothers authored stories and gave viewpoints toward timely words and you will guidelines.

ASA stories were scored on a 7-point scale (Waters Rodrigues, 2008 ). A score of “7” indicates elaborate descriptions of interactions between the main characters, characterized by sensitivity and responsiveness to psychological states, most likely including a crisis and its resolution, while scores of “6” and “5” indicate lesser degree of the same features. Stories with minimal elements of the Secure Base Script are scored as “4”. Stories focused on actions or events, with no mention of emotional states or interactions, are scored as “3”. A score of “2” denotes very limited descriptions of interactions where only one character’s perspective is taken into account. No distressing instance is included, or a crisis is introduced but not resolved. Distinctively odd-content stories receive a score of “1”. Coding was done according to instructions by Waters and Rodrigues ( 2008 ) by two coders fully trained in the protocol administration and coding. Inter-rater reliability was .90 (Baby’s Morning), .91 (At the dping Trip) and .95 (The Accident). Intra-class reliability (average measures) for the 4 story scores was r = .89 (p < .0001). Thus, an average total score was produced, reflecting the amount of scripted, secure base knowledge present in co-parents' stories.


Users were questioned truly through the a couple house visits, of the interviewers very carefully regularly the fresh management, articles and you can standard scoring values of one’s devices, so they you are going to conform to shot standards while keeping an excellent conversation-such as, empathic style. During family-check out that, professionals accomplished the fresh sheet for the history guidance and something interviews (AAI otherwise P-CAI, counterbalanced having order). Next interviews was given during home-visit two, two-to-30 days afterwards. The fresh new AAI and you will P-CAI interviews endured around 70 minute per (diversity forty five–170 minute). The focus children’s other moms and dad (co-parent) finished this new ASA during the domestic-visit you to or through Skype. There had been zero differences in tale length or gotten scriptedness score between them teams. While the payment because of their involvement, questioned parents and you may co-moms and dads received gifts (worthy of ten Euro).

Studies analytical plan

To have theory H1a, playing with categorical study, the newest cross-tabulation off parents’ connection (AAI) and caregiving (P-CAI) 3-means classifications was looked at for the whole attempt (Letter = 77), as well as fathers (letter = 36) and you can mothers (letter = 41) alone. According to empirical research the root construction out-of rational representations into the adulthood tends to be top knew while the a continuing, as opposed to a beneficial taxonomic, design (Fraley Roisman, 2014 ), i up coming mutual categorical (classification) and you can persisted (subscale) variables, allowing brand new representational type among anyone within this categories to tell the newest data (Alexandrov et al., 2005 ; Di Folco et al., 2017 ; Psouni Apetroaia, 2014 ). Handling theory H1b, logistic regression acting was used to help you estimate prediction off secure (P-CAI/F) caregiving category, in place of insecure (P-CAI/D and you may P-CAI/E). Given that complete class concordance between the parents’ newest accessory and you may caregiving representational solutions is probably be higher, ultimately causing collinearity, persisted subscales on AAI, representing brand new parents’ accessory enjoy and you can aura in respect on the parents, respectively, were picked to possess symbolizing the new parent’s attachment system. Co-mother or father connection (ASA-scriptedness) is joined during the another type of step. Mother sex has also been registered, inside a last action.