And I went to LA to give a speech to folks in the entertainment industry

And I went to LA to give a speech to folks in the entertainment industry

But in many ways, when you apply that dispersant, that oil breaks up, and it’s a surfactant and a solvent and breaks up the oil into small droplets that then disperses into the water column, and almost becomes more difficult to manage. At least at the surface, you can burn, you can skim you can collect, um, but when it goes into the water, it’s, uh, extraordinarily toxic and it is, um, it is very, uh, uh, it’s i- impossible at that point to, to collect. And so, uh, long story short, Sam and I went down, um, as part of for, for, for ABC News and we went diving into a spot where the if this person had been deploy . applied, we had to wear hazmat suits, ’cause the dispersant is a neurological toxin as well as the oil being toxic. And, um, we demonstrated to the world that the oil isn’t going away, it’s just sinking, um, and, and actually suspending in the water column. And, and what we witnessed was just this thick red soup that we were diving into with dead fish floating and jellyfish and, and seaweed covered in, in these globs of oil that were slowly dispersing into the water.

Um, it’s, it’s the joy of my life

Uh, and it was global news. And it kind of lost a lot a year of my time down in the Gulf spending, covering this story for, for several news outlets over, you know, repeatedly in the developments. My wife at the time was a filmmaker for E! News, more in the entertainment side of journalism. And, um, we met through a mutual friend at that event. And, we’re, we’re talking until they shut the bar down at 2:00 in the morning around us and I changed my flight, we had dinner the next night and, um, we’ve literally been together ever since. And she always had a passion for traveling, for animals, and for nature.

And if we didn’t have a chance to work together, I think we’d never see each other so, and we like each other

And after a few years, um, putting out a contract with E! News, she then has joined me, um, and, uh, she was actually in, in Hong Kong a few years ago, um, and we, we, when we gave a presentation, uh, for the State Department and, um, she, uh, uh, she was with me to Expo, it was 2012, I don’t remember that the Yeosu Expo re- represented, uh, the United States, um, at that Expo and, and has spoken at the origin conference as well. And, um, she, uh, uh, is now with me on, on this journey and, and, uh, we’ve documentaries and films and, and get to work together which is, which is terrific because so much of our work is travel and you know, going all over the world. So, (lazing. So, in many ways, it was one of the, maybe one of the very, very minuscule, tiny, not terrible, in this case for me, for us a very, you know, a good thing that came out of BP oil spill was us getting a chance to meet each other.

Yeah. Uh, uh, you know, I never believed in love at first sight, um, until I saw Ashlan across the room, and, um, I, I was just, uh, an, an amazing experience. The daughter we have, a little girl, Vivian, um, just over two years old, and another one on the way and just about three and a half weeks. So, the family is growing and, and our ambition, uh, is to, is to grow, help them grow and, and see all these places and just come with us on these adventures and, and expeditions and, and do it as a family. So, uh, we’re, we’re, we’re extremely fortunate, you know. I never knew my father. And it’s been so meaningful and, CA payday loans and such a privilege for me to be a father.